Univision's Despierta America : videos

June 22, 2011

Tom Hanks made an extended appearance on Univision's Despierta America morning program to promote Larry Crowne. Not only did he talked about the movie, but the video of Tom Hanks dancing in front of the weather map has even got viral, and not just in the United States…

One astute Redditor pretty much summed it up: "Challenge: find video footage of Tom Hanks where he doesn't come off funny, charming or generally likable. It can't be done." (CBS News)

We've got three videos from that show. The first one is a 18-minute video of the show itself in which Tom Hanks talks, cooks and dances ! You'll find the video in the Foreign Interviews section of our archive, since the video is dubbed in Spanish, but you can still hear his voice.


The two others are backstage videos. The first one is what seems to be his arrival and the second video takes place during the commercials. You can click on each thumbnail to access the video directly.


We also added 86 photos of Tom Hanks's appearance on Despierta America to the gallery.