Interviews : CNN, Fox5Atlanta & Access Hollywood

June 23, 2011

Access Hollywood has new videos featuring Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts. First of all, remember that scan where it explained the prank Tom Hanks played on Julia Roberts, when everybody was knitting as she arrived on the set of Larry Crowne ? Well, you can now see it on video ! The second Access Hollywood video is about Billy Bush being late to interview Julia Roberts and Tom Hanks during the press junket. You can click on each thumbnail to access the respective video.


Tom Hanks dropped by CNN Newsroom yesterday. Kya Phillips interviewed Tom Hanks for his new movie Larry Crowne and on the parallel between his movies, Charlie Wilson's War and Apollo 13, with what happens today in Afghanistan and with the space program. And it's almost as if Tom Hanks is looking for a new job ! After dancing in front of the weather map on Despierta America, Tom Hanks reads the sports segment on CNN and takes over the news report on Fox5Atlanta (see below)…
Another video from CNN is Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts answering questions that were posted on CNN iReport.


Yes, Tom Hanks was also on Fox5Atlanta for Good Day Atlanta. But he didn't just do an interview, since Tom Hanks surprised Karen Graham by sneaking up behind her and helping her with a tease, live !
You can watch both videos in our archive.