Larry Crowne & audio interview

April 22, 2010

Yesterday was the first day of shooting for Tom Hanks as director of Larry Crowne. Tom Hanks tweeted a (priceless !) photo of that first day, as well as a few others that you can find in the gallery.


We learn more about the cast and the characters of Larry Crowne everyday. For example we know that Cedric the Entertainer plays Lamarr Johnson (Larry Crowne's neighbor) and Taraji P. Henson plays his wife, Patience Johnson. He actually tweeted a video taken on the set in which Tom Hanks appears, so did Nia Vardalos, the co-writer of the script. You can click on the two images to watch the respective video.


On Sunday, April 18, 2010, Tom Hanks attended a KPCC donor event where he was interview by Off-Ramp host John Rabe who works for the Southern California Public Radio. You can download the 22-minute interview in our audio clips.
Here's John Rabe presenting the interview :

The guest of honor was Tom Hanks, who joined me for an in-depth interview about working in Hollywood, telling WW2 vets’ stories, being related to Abe Lincoln, his new comedy “Larry Crowne,” and how he’ll sometimes pull out the checkbook during a fundraiser … just to end the horror.
I’ve sent out my interview with Hanks as a special Off-Ramp podcast. You’ll hear a few beep-outs in the q+a. This is not us swearing. It’s Hanks mentioning the LA shooting locations for “Larry Crowne.”
Hanks is hard not to like. He has a great reputation in Hollywood for being a regular guy, and that showed at our event. But he also impressed me with his mental quickness. He is FUNNY and SHARP and made me feel at ease immediately.