Larry Crowne : official behind-the-scenes

June 30, 2011

First of all, a new section of the official website of Larry Crowne is now open, and it's called Hanx on set. There are videos and photos, as well as Tom Hanks's behind-the-scene tweets from the shooting... that we've added right here.
We've added the 20 official behind-the-scene photos to the gallery.


There are also five videos on that website. We compiled them into a 15-minute video that we've added to our archive and… there are two clips that are not on the website (only in their files…) that we've added to that video as well, including Rita Wilson surprising Tom Hanks on set on the day of their wedding anniversary.


In our audio clips, you can find a Collider interview which is actually a 20-minute audio clip from a press conference given by Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts, as well as Tom Hanks's interview in On-Air with Ryan Seacrest.

Remember, Tom Hanks is on Conan tonight at 11:00 PM on TBS !