Conan, Letterman & press junket interviews

July 01, 2011

Yesterday night, Tom Hanks was Conan's guest on his late talk show. He told the story of his visit to Buckingham Palace (and in a very entertaining way, as always !) and talked about the test he passed to get the license in order to drive a scooter in Larry Crowne… Then Conan joined Tom Hanks for a ride on his scooter, well... sort of. You can click on the thumbnails t access the video directly.


Tom Hanks also appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman where Julia Roberts was the main guest. It had been taped a few days ago and Tom Hanks joined Julia Roberts to play the "Newlywed Game". The video has also been added to our archive.


We've also added seven new press junket interviews, as well as the very entertaining Cinemax 60 Seconds in which Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts asked questions to each other. You can find all of those videos in the Interviews section of our archive.