Nothing in Common coming to Bu-Ray

September 05, 2011

I don't know how many of you have seen Tom Hanks's Nothing in Common but if you haven't, you definitely should. Anyway, good news : the movie is coming to Blu-Ray, after it was released on DVD last year !

The 1986 movie directed by Gary Marshall and starring Tom Hanks, Jackie Gleason, Eva Marie Saint and Sela Ward (CSI : NY) will be released on Blu-Ray on January 31, 2012. It's already available for pre-order on Amazon at $15.99.

Even though the movie was not a tremendous hit when it came out, it became more popular as Tom Hanks's fame grew. The film is considered by some to be the pivotal role in Tom Hanks's career because it marked his transition from less developed comedic roles to becoming a leading actor in more serious films. The movie also has a lot in common with Tom Hanks’s real experience.

“When the time came to show the movie to my dad I said 'Listen p'pa, you're all over this thing so just bear that in mind in the scenes where I might be talking to Jacky Gleason but there's a number of lines that I'm actually saying straight at you'.” (Tom Hanks, Inside the Actors Studio, September 1999)

The story is movie deals with David Basner, a successful but rather immature advertising executive who is suddenly confronted to his parents’ divorce after 35 years of marriage. He must then cope with the downfall of his family and his life and his father's illness.
Because of his talent, charm and wisecracking sense of humor, David Basner (Tom Hanks) is a self-made man on the fast track. He loves his job, his bank account is healthy, and women find him irresistible. Then his father Max (Jackie Gleason, in his final film performance) calls to give David the news that he and David's mother Lorraine (Eva Marie Saint) are calling it quits after 35 years. Now, besides the pressures of his own busy life, David has the new responsibilities of taking care of his crotchety dad and emotionally supporting his mother. Through these experiences, David gains a new understanding and appreciation of his parents, with whom he thought he had nothing in common.

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As far as I'm concerned, this is one of my favorite Tom Hanks's movies. It deals with the father-and-son relationship in a very realistic and genuine way and succeeds in mixing comedy and drama... and we all know how much Tom Hanks is good at both !