Toy Story - Small Fry : more details

November 12, 2011

Last August, we told you that Woddy and Buzz Lightyear would be back on the big screen for another Toy Story short entitled Small Fry. Two photos have been revealed, as well as a more detailed synopsis.


The story is about a fast-food sized “Happy Meal” toy, a Mini Buzz Lightyear, who wants to enjoy the “play-filled existence” of a real toy. He kidnaps the full-sized Buzz Lightyear to trade place with him. After being kidnapped, Buzz Lightyear encounters a support group for toys who are never played with. Teddy Newton will voice Mini Buzz, while Glee star Jane Lynch lends her voice to Neptuna, the support group's leader.

The seven-minute short will premiere on November 23, 2011 and will be shown in theaters before The Muppets.