Extremely Loud... : extracts, interviews & b-roll

December 12, 2011

More is revealed about Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close as we get closer to its release date. You can watch three extracts from the movie as well as a b-roll video of the filming, all of them featuring Tom Hanks. You can click on each thumbnail to access the respective video or find all the videos related to the movie right here.


We also added to our videos an interview in which Tom Hanks talks about Oskar finding the key, his characters feelings for his son, his co-stars Thomas Horn and Sandra Bullock as well as the experience of working with director Stephen Daldry. We've also added a video of Sandra Bullock and Stephen Daldry explaining what it was like to work with Tom Hanks. Sandra Bullock tells an interesting story of one day of shooting where Tom Hanks came on set just to read his lines off-camera for the entire day. 


Michael Clarke Duncan, who played John Coffey in The Green Mile, had told a similar story during the AFI Ceremony in 2002, while director Frank Darabont said that this was something he would never forget from the filming of The Green Mile.

"[…] Of all the great performances we've seen you give tonight, for so many people I was always remember the ones that nobody saw, except me. You see some actors won't sit and run lines with you when they're off-camera. […] There's a stand-in who sits across of you and you act with them. But Tom was always there in costume, working hard helping me to give my best performance." - Michael Clarck Duncan -
"15, 20 years from now what will I remember ? What memory will I have ? There was one thing, and I'll never forget this, when Hanks was playing the scene with Michael Duncan... "You tell me". Probably the heart of the movie is in that scene. Michael was not our most experienced actor but in that scene as we were shooting I'm on Michael first and I'm realizing I'm getting distracted by Hanks who is off camera just giving him his lines. Hanks is deliverying an Academy Award winning performance off camera for Michel Duncan, to give that actor who has less experience than many people in the cast, to give him every possible thing he needs or can use to deliver the best possible performance. I've never seen anything quite so smart and generous as when I saw Tom doing that thing. I was so struck by his wisdom and his generosity in doing what he did and really being willing to maybe not have enough left-over for himself when the camera was on him. He wanted Michael to do so well. He wanted him to look so good. I'll never forget that. That was amazing."  - Frank Darabont -