Shorty Awards : we need your help !

January 06, 2012

If you appreciate the work we do at Tom Hanks Online to provide you with the latest news and updates on Tom Hanks's career, please take two minutes of your time to vote for our website at the Shorty Awards.

The Shorty Awards honor the best of social media, recognizing the people and organizations producing real-time short form content on across Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, YouTube, Foursquare, and the rest of the social Web.

The nomination period is January 3, 2012 through February 17, 2012 via Twitter.

Nominate Tom Hanks Online for a social media award in the Shorty Awards!

Here's a few information as to how to vote :
  • To make a nomination, fill out the nomination form at or send a tweet like this : I nominate @TomHanksOnline for a Shorty Award in #fansite because... [must add reason here].
  • You can also tweet shorter nominations like this : #shortyawards @TomHanksOnline #fansite [must add reason here].
  • A tweet without a reason for the nomination will not be counted.
  • You can only vote once, as voting for the same person in the same category more than once simply replaces the text of your original vote and does not count as an additional vote.