Green Day, videos & photos

March 26, 2010

Green Day turned their popular album American Idiot into a one-act stage musical of the same name featuring songs from that album as well as their recent album 21st Century Breakdown. Tom Hanks's Playtone Productions are planning to turn in into a feature film, the same way they produced Mamma Mia! in 2008.
The rock opera follows three suburban teens who try to escape their mundane lives and end up going down very different paths: one takes off for a life in the city, one leaves home to fight for his country and one stays behind, frozen in the safety of suburbia.
You may remember that Tom Hanks actually posted a photo of the stage of the Broadway show on his Twitter some weeks ago.

Larry Crowne starring Julia Roberts and Tom Hanks will be shooting in Los Angeles from April 21, 2010 through June, 2010.

In the video archives we've added the German show Wetten dass... ? from January 2003. Tom Hanks, Leonardo DiCaprio and Steven Spielberg did the show for Catch Me If You Can. You can also watch an interview of Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg made by GreekReporter at the LA premiere of The Pacific.


We've added a photoshoot realized for USA Today. The photos were taken on March 12 by Dan MacMedan. You can also see two more posters of Toy Story 3 (including the international one), and a large poster for The Pacific.


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