Captain Phillips : production moves to Morocco

January 31, 2012

The filming of Tom Hanks's upcoming movie Captain Phillips, previously entitled Maersk Alabama, was supposed to start in February in Mobile, Alabama and in New Orleans, Louisiana. But due to logistical issues and the fact that a sister ship similar to the Maersk Alabama needed for the filming was not available, the movie will not be filmed there after all.


New locations may have been found. Indeed, Malta Film Commissioner Peter Busuttil recently confirmed that a team from the film was in Malta to for talks with the Commission but that they were still in discussions.
The production team is also looking at filming in Morocco, a casting call confirms that information :

Seeking actual Merchant Mariners for roles (ages 25-70, all ethnicities) in Sony film “Maersk, Alabama” starring Tom Hanks (Director Paul Greengrass). WE ARE LOOKING FOR ACTUAL MERCHANT MARINERS/SEAMEN. Since we are actually shooting on a ship, we want real Merchant Mariners/Seamen (those who know how a ship operates and can provide Tom Hanks with real information). Filming will be taking place from March until May in Morocco.

Please e-mail or call 212-330-9357, ASAP. Submit photos, a
description of your experience at sea, and place of residence. For out-of-state submissions, we’re happy
to accept video auditions.

Roles are as follows :

70; pleasant but useless – a fairly incompetent old time sailor; a bit of a drunk; 
6 lines.

25; African-American; fit, college educated, a good guy; new to the ship; 
3 lines.

DEL : 
Over 60; an old salt, overweight, a smoker, an old-hand on the ship; 
2 lines
40ish; 2nd mate; at first he is unconcerned about the pirate menace; 
5 lines.
Over 60; like his buddy Del he is an old salt; 
1 line.

Age open, can be younger 20’s – 30’s; 
2 lines.

: 1 line.

You can find more detailed information on this movie on our page about Tom Hanks's upcoming projects