It's International Tom Hanks Day !

March 31, 2012

That's right, on March 31, we celebrate Tom Hanks all over the world ! It all started in 2003 in Chicago with some of his biggest fans, including Kevin Turk and a handful of Western Michigan University students. It was first a joke, then a national event before going international a few years ago. Tom Hanks himself supports the event as it helps raise money for his favorite charity, Lifeline Energy, of which he is the US ambassador.


Founded in 1998, the Freeplay Foundation is now called Lifeline Energy. The foundation is committed to providing innovative and practical energy solutions and to ensuring sustained access to information and education via radio. The organization donates specially designed wind-up, solar powered radios to remote villages in Africa to provide information and communication.

This year, Fizz Bar & Grill in Chicago will host the event and show Tom Hanks films and television shows from noon to 6:00 p.m., host drink specials and even Tom Hanks trivia and costume contests. The theme is the 1988 coming-of-age classic Big, and guests are encouraged to sport attire that plays along. There will also be a screening of the movie.
Admission is a five-dollar suggested donation (raffle ticket included) and T-shirts will be sold for 20 bucks a pop.
100% of the proceeds raised from the event in Chicago go directly to Lifeline Energy, and there have even been a few years that Tom has matched out donations.

Happy International Tom Hanks Day !