Revlon Rainforest Fund Dinner : photos

April 06, 2012

On Tuesday night, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson attended a benefit concert at Manhattan’s Carnegie Hall to raise money for Sting’s Rainforest Fund and the charity auction that took place at The Pierre hotel afterwards. Guests at the action included Sir Elton John, Aretha Franklin, Jennifer Hudson, Bruno Mars and former U.S. President Bill Clinton.

The charity helps indigenous people who have been affected by the destruction of rainforests. The auction was a great success and helped many of the funds. For example, a guest paid $26,000 for Tom Hanks to record his voicemail message. Tom Hanks offered to leave a personalized greeting in the voice of any of the characters he’s made famous, from Forest Gump to Woody from “Toy Story”. “I’ll do your whole menu,” he shouted during bidding. “Press 1 for Parts and Service! Press 2 for Speedy Delivery!”

We've added some photos of the evening to our gallery.