Saving Mr Banks : Colin Farrell may join the cast

June 17, 2012

Back in April, we told you that Tom Hanks had been officially cast to play Walt Disney in Saving Mr Banks, alongside Emma Thompson who would play P.L. Travers. The script is said to shift back and forth between 1961 and 1907 and covers Travers' childhood in rural Queensland and her experience negotiating with Walt Disney and his team to make the film out of Mary Poppins.


It seems like Colin Farrell (Phone Booth, Miami Vice) is in negotiations to join Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson, as Travers’ father, a banker who slowly slides into alcoholism as the family falls into financial hardship. He died when P.L. Travers was seven years old. Travers looked up to her father, and the breaking of his spirit had an effect on her writing. He was also the inspiration for the Mr. Banks character.

The movie that will be directed by John Lee Hancock (The Blind Side) and Disney is looking to start filming in the fall in Los Angeles.