Cloud Atlas : a new release date for the US

June 20, 2012

Warner Bros. Pictures has officially moved Cloud Atlas's release from December 6th to October 26th in the United States.
Bad news for the other countries though as the release of movie has been postponed to early 2013 instead of late 2012. The studio has already acquired rights to distribute the film the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Australia and Japan.


The movie has already been shown to foreign buyers at the Cannes Film Festival and got private screenings in London and Los Angeles. Dan Fellman, president of domestic distribution of the studio said :

"Audiences who have seen an early screening of Cloud Atlas have been elated by its powerful and inspiring story, as well as its breathtaking visuals.”

It's true that the reviews from the people who've seen those private screenings have been really good, whether they are about he movie, the story or the performances of the cast, especially Tom Hanks and Jim Sturgess.