Cloud Atlas : first official still

July 25, 2012

Cloud Atlas will be released on October 26th in the United States before opening internationally in early 2013.
Yesterday, we learnt that the movie will premiere at the 37th Toronto Film Festival, which runs from September 6 to 16th.

Two official images have been released. One features Tom Hanks as Zachry, a tribesman living a primitive life on a post-apocalyptic Hawaii in the distant future, until he is paid a visit by Meronym, played by Halle Berry, a member of the last remnants of technologically-advanced civilization. There are two big sci-fi stories in the film, and this is one of them. You can see a bigger version of the official still in our gallery.


The other picture features Ben Whishaw as Robert Frobisher, a penniless young musician in the 1930s who flees from his debtors in England, and Jim Broadbent as a a dying world-class composer living in Belgium.

The adaptation from David Mitchell's 2004 novel Cloud Atlas will have a running time of 2 hours 44 minutes and features the main actors playing multiple roles in six connected stories that span from 1930s Belgium to a distant North Korea.