Cloud Atlas : character images

August 04, 2012

New images have been posted on the official website for the movie Cloud Atlas. They show the actors as the different characters they will play, ordered chronologically, story by story.
You can see the four photos featuring Tom Hanks in our gallery, as well as the official poster.


The Cloud Atlas novel / movie focuses on the following six eras and locations :

  • 19th Century Pacific region : A young man’s account of a voyage to New Zealand that includes conflict between slavers and an indigenous tribe.
  • 1930s Belgium : A young musician encounters an aging composer afflicted with a disease.
  • 1970s California : A journalist investigates a death and possible corruption at a nuclear power plant.
  • 21st Century UK : A publisher tries to flee from some gangsters and is forcibly confined to a nursing home run by a tyrannical nurse.
  • Nea So Copros (Futuristic Korea) : A clone rebels against the society that has enslaved her kind.
  • Post-apocalyptic Hawaii : A primitive tribesman is visited by the member of a technologically-advanced civilization.

Tom Hanks plays Dr. Henry Goose (19th Century Pacific region), Isaac Sachs (1970s California), Dermot ‘Duster’ Hoggins (21st Century UK) and Zachry (Post-apocalyptic Hawaii) but there are probably some other cameos and surprises in store.

If you still doubted Tom Hanks could play any type of character, there's your answer. Looks like he will be playing a whole range of character types in a single movie…