Cloud Atlas : first clip

September 30, 2012

A sneak peek from the movie Cloud Atlas has been released a few days ago. It features a lot of Tom Hanks, much to our delight. The clip is a scene narrated by Tom Hanks that goes through all six of the narratives, showing some transitions, lots of interesting characters, and the overall sense of destiny and fate that pervades the film. You'll get an idea of how the movie is structured.

However, be aware that the scene ends with a big spoiler. So if you want to keep the element of surprise, do not watch it because it will ruin it. Otherwise… enjoy!
We've also added an interview made at the Toronto International Film Festival, on September 8.


Cloud Atlas opens in American and Canadian theaters on October 26. You'll have to wait until February 2013 if you live in the UK or in Australia...