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March 05, 2010

Tom Hanks's appearance on The Colbert Report is schedule for March 8th, 11:30 PM. He'll also be on Hollywood and Dine (ReelzChannel) on March 7th, 11:00 PM.
Note also that Tom Hanks will attend and present one of the categories at the 82nd Annual Academy Awards on March 7th, 2010.

Rush to your nearby news kiosk ! Tom Hanks makes the cover of Time magazine, and it's on stands today.
You can find the article in our press archives, entitled The World According to Tom, along with numerous other articles about the different premieres of The Pacific.
You can see the cover in our gallery along with a behind-the-scene photo from The Pacific and photos of the press conference given for on February 24 about the miniseries. Thanks to Lindsey for those.


As you know Tom Hanks appeared on numerous talk shows over the last few days. We've added to the video archives the following shows and videos :
  • Good Morning America
  • Late Show with David Letterman : Tom Hanks revealed that Peter Scolari (his co-star on Bosom Buddies) will star in Larry Crowne
  • Regis & Kelly : it's not a definitive version, but it's better than nothing. We may replace it by a better and full video later on.
  • Morning Joe : a 27-minute interview that aired this morning on MSNBC
  • The Pacific Premiere - Boston (Boston Herald)
  • The Pacific Premiere - New Orleans (WWL)
  • The Pacific Premiere - New Orleans (ABC26)
  • The Pacific Premiere - LA (TV Guide)


There are also videos from The Pacific premieres in Los Angeles & Boston that we could not add to the site. You can watch them on NECN, Yahoo and Reuters.


Mikel Young, March 06, 2010

Mr. Hanks you are a great actor, but I disagree with you about Obama and your comment that Mormons are unPatriotic. First Obama sat in a church for 20 years listening to Rev Wright damn America. He has bowed down to every Islamic country he visited. He snubbed Israel, snubbed the military and we now have record breaking deficits with no end in site. He is clearly over his head. 30 Czars that report to him and him alone, Michelle has 23 assistants (Laura Bush had 1). Keep government our of my health care. Why do you think people from Canada and other countries with socialized medicine come here when they need surgery.

Mormons are the most patriotic people you will meet. They love this country. They serve in the Secret Service, DEA, FBI, all branches of the Armed Services. Yes, we think that marriage should be between a man and a woman because that is how God intended it. We do not discriminate or hate in any way gay people. They are Gods children and he loves them.

I love your movies and your acting abilities, but you are wrong about Obama and the Mormons.

Mikel Young a Mormon and life long Republican

Mark, March 10, 2010

Use to like you and your movies, but after hearing you speak about WWII and the current wars were are involved in, I will never watch your films again. Your views are more then wrong. Do you really feel we Americans are trying to kill all Islamic people? Are you that out-of-touch? Has your fame fogged your ability to rationally think and observe, or are you just a political mouth?

Sandra, March 10, 2010

Disagree with your latest comments about WW II and the current wars. I have always been a fan, but no longer. Hollywood is certainly losing it's fan base...just keep on talking and you will lose all of your money! I will no longer watch your films. Hollywood is so out of touch....such "experts" in politics and most celebrities don't even have a college education. How about serving in the military like my husband did. Now, that would be an education! You are in a fantasy world. Just stick to entertaining and say your lines.