Cloud Atlas : featurettes, movie stills & more

October 13, 2012

Two more weeks before Cloud Atlas hit North American theaters! We can feel it's getting closer because a lot of new photos and videos have been released lately.

Let's start with the videos. We have two TV spots, a new trailer, as well as two featurettes with clips from the movie and the filming and interviews from the actors and directors. One is 5-minute long and has German subtitles, the other one is 6-minute long. Some interviews are similar but they both feature different clips from the movie. You can click on the thumbnails below to access all our videos related to Cloud Atlas.


We've added 15 movie stills to our gallery. They all feature Tom Hanks but sometimes he is barely recognizable! We've also added over 40 screencaps of the HD 6-minute featurette.