Major Matt Mason : latest development

October 22, 2012

We know that Tom Hanks is always working on a dozen projects at the same time… One he's been trying to develop since 2009? Major Matt Mason. Tom Hanks has been working on bringing the classic 60's astronaut action figure Major Matt Mason to the big screen with the help of Justified showrunner and Speed screenwriter Graham Yost, with whom he has co-wrote the script. They had already worked together on the miniseries From the Earth to the Moon, Band of Brothers and The Pacific. Robert Zemeckis (Forrest Gump, Cast Away, The Polar Express, Back to the Future) came on board to direct last year.

According to TheWrap, Major Matt Mason is moving forward and seeking funds from independent financiers.
Universal Pictures is reportedly handling domestic rights to this movie when it's finished, but the production still needs to secure funding for a production budget. 

Graham Yost gave some details to back in Janurary :

"The story is set on the moon, near future, and it's a team of people on a base on the moon, on the south pole of the moon. And of course everything goes wrong. There's no bad guys. There's no aliens. Nothing like that. It's just, can you survive? It's really fun, and it's just been a blast working with Tom on that. We had such a good time on From Earth to the Moon that it's sort of like, 'We've got to go back to the moon. Some way, somehow, let's go back to the moon.'"

Steve Salmon, November 12, 2013

I REALLY hope this project comes off as I am also a great Matt Mason enthusiast and collector: This was also my favourite toy, growing up in the 60's with the Apollo program. I really hope that Mr Hanks gets all the backing and cooperation for this film. Apart from the importance of great actors, script, direction, SFX, etc., the music will be crucial for the movie. Mr Hanks should use Richard Blair-Oliphant to do the soundtrack, the same guy who scored "Moonshot", "When We Left Earth", "Rocketmen", etc., IMHO.

johnnyapollo, May 27, 2015

Any updates? I've heard that the project was dead.