New talk shows & The Pacific

February 26, 2010

Be sure to get up early on March 4 ! Tom Hanks will be on the Good Morning America, Live with Regis & Kelly and Late Show With David Letterman that day. You can check the upcoming events and guest appearances in our calendar.

In the gallery, we've added more photos from the premiere of The Pacific.


You can read two more article about the premiere in our press archives entitled The Pacific: 5 Things You Didn’t Know and Tom Hanks, Steven Spielberg christen The Pacific.


Laura Wichmann, March 03, 2010

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Harriet, March 03, 2010

Can't download your recent videos :( Please help!!

Virginie, March 04, 2010

Harriet, you're right there's a problem with the URLs. Thanks for letting us know. We should be able to fix the problem this evening or tomorrow. We'll let you know. Our apologies for the inconvenience...

Bonjour, March 05, 2010

Hey! Do you have the videos up yet? Hehe. I saw Tom's "slip-up" on Regis & Kelly, hilarious! It was on Yahoo!'s homepage, just for extra info. Lol.
So anyway, do post soon! And why is he suddenly having appearances in a couple of shows? I mean, it's usually to promote a movie... no?

Bonjour, March 05, 2010

Oh, and another note. Wasn't he on Steven Colbert too? According to his Twitter!

Bonjour, March 05, 2010

Oh My Gosh, sorry for the spam! Hahaha, but but, one more thing - was Tom in the cover of Times? :O

Virginie, March 05, 2010


I\'ve been working on the update for more than two hours and I\'m still not finished ! Tom Hanks was on numerous shows over the past few days. We have tons of videos, photos and articles to add. But you need to understand that it takes time. Thanks.
And yes, he\'s on the cover of Time magazine.

Harriet, March 07, 2010

Thanks Virginie! You work so hard on the fabulous site, I really am so grateful. Keep up the good work, much appreciated :D