Tom Hanks narrates NatGeo's Killing Lincoln

January 06, 2013

National Geographic Channel's new two-hour film Killing Lincoln is their first scripted drama, based on Fox News host Bill O'Reilly's bestselling book. It chronicles the final days of President Lincoln (played by Billy Campbell) and the plot by his assassin John Wilkes Booth (Jesse Johnson). Tom Hanks narrates this documentary.


Killing Lincoln spends time portraying both men as it builds toward, as narrator Tom Hanks puts it, "the most resonant crime in the history of the nation," and then chronicles the extensive manhunt to bring Booth to justice.

“The murder of Lincoln is not a passage of our history — it was a signpost of our American character, then, now and forever,” said Tom Hanks, who has been involved in a number of historic TV projects, such as Band of Brothers or John Adams.

Nat Geo president Howard T. Owens and executive producer Ridley Scott both commented on Tom Hanks's participation to this project :

“Having someone like Tom [Hanks] who is so passionate about history and such an incredible storyteller join National Geographic Channel on this project will add even more energy and gravitas to this epic historical moment being retold for contemporary audiences.” - Howard T. Owens -
”Only Hanks can add that unique poise, intrigue and dynamism that are his trademark to a film about one of the most significant, life-changing events in America’s young history.” - Ridley Scott -

Killing Lincoln is produced by Ridley and Tony Scott and is directed by Adrian Moat (Gettysburg).