Lucky Guy : Opening Night at Broadway

April 03, 2013

The opening night for Nora Ephron's Lucky Guy took place on Monday at the Broadhurst Theater, after a month of previews.
Tom Hanks got a standing ovation and even broke down in tears at the end of the show, when a curtain pulled back on stage to reveal a large portrait of Nora Ephron, who died last July.

The response was not just from friends and fans because they like Hanks, but because his portrayal of Mike McAlary is such a moving, funny, and lovely experience. 

We added several press articles and reviews of the play in our press archive. They seem to all agree on one thing: Tom Hanks's performance Mike McAlary as we can read titles like Tom Hanks makes solid Broadway debut, Tom Hanks shines in Lucky Guy...

You can watch two videos about the opening night, one was made by the BBC and the other one by SkyNews. Click on each thumbnail to access the respective video.


We also added almost a hundred photos of the curtain call and after party that you can see in our gallery.