First look at Captain Phillips

April 18, 2013

The first official movie still for Tom Hanks's upcoming movie, Captain Phillips, has been revealed. Thank you to sgprasha for letting us know.
Tom Hanks plays Capt. Richard Phillips, the leader of the cargo ship Maersk Alabama who gave himself up as a hostage to Somali pirates to keep his crew from having to leave the ship with them. Phillips was saved by Navy SEALS after three days alone with the armed pirates in a small lifeboat.
You can click on the picture to enlarge it. Photos of the filming are also in our gallery.

The first footage from the film has been shown at CinemaCon this morning during Sony's presenttation of their upcoming 2013 movies. CinemaBlend describes the extract shown at the convention:

The footage began with Phillips (Tom Hanks) looking at a radar and growing concerned about two blips heading towards the ship. Looking into the distance he sees two skiffs, and decides to call it in for help. While the woman on the other line isn’t too concerned about the situation, thinking that they are probably just fisherman, Phillips knows better and has his fears confirmed when the men on the skiffs begin to open fire. The captain and his crew try to get the pirates away by using hoses off the edges of the ship, and Phillips even attempts to hit one of them with a flare, but is unsuccessful. He warns his crew that they cannot let the pirates get their ladders attached to the boat, but the mission is unsuccessful and the pirates come aboard. We hear voiceover of Phillips telling his crew to take advantage of the fact that they know the inner workings of the ship and the Somalis don’t. The final shot of the reel has a pirate holding a huge gun to Phillips’ head saying, “Look at me – I am the captain now.” 

The movie is directed by Paul Greengrass (The Bourne Trilogy, United 93...) and produced by the team behind The Social Network, that is to say Scott Rudin, Michael De Luca, Dana Brunetti and Kevin Spacey.

The release date for the United States and United Kingdom is set on October 11, 2013.