Captain Phillips to open New York Film Festival

July 29, 2013

Captain Phillips will make its premiere as the opening-night selection of this year’s New York Film Festival that will run from September 27 to October 13. If you haven't seen it yet (or if you're eager to see it again), the trailer is available in our videos.

Kent Jones, the director of programming and selection committee chairman for the New York Film Festival, described the movie as a “tough, tense, real-life thriller, capped by the remarkable performances of Tom Hanks and four brilliant first-time Somali actors.” He hailed Paul Greengrass as “a master of immersive reality-based narratives set along geopolitical fault lines.”

Two new movie stills were also published on the Film Society of Lincoln Center website with an interview of director Paul Greengrass. You can click on the thumbnails to access the gallery.


In this interview, Paul Greengrass mentioned Tom Hanks and the pleasure he had working with him. His quote has been added to the page gathering many others quotes from co-stars, directors and other celebrities who mentioned their work with Tom Hanks.

"I think Tom is absolutely fantastic in this film. He's right there in some of the best films he's done and it's Tom Hanks doing what he does best. He gives an incredibly powerful, brilliant, performance about an ordinary man facing the most intense peril. A huge appeal for me with this project was working with Tom and we just hit it off. He's just such a brilliant actor and collaborator.
t's convention at the end, whenever your leading actor finishes his part, someone on set will say, "Part complete for Mr. or Mrs. 'Whoever'," and the crew will give a round of applause. But he got such a sustained, intense round of applause because, I think, everyone who worked on this film knew they had witnessed such a very, very special performance over the 12 weeks we made the film. So you could tell in that moment the esteemed privilege everyone had watching him from the first moment until the last."
- Paul Greengrass -