New York Film Festival : videos, photos & reviews

September 28, 2013

Captain Phillips opened the 51st New York Film Festival last night and even more reviews are now dropping on the Internet. We've added hem in our press archive.

"Hanks, meanwhile, is a revelation all over again, giving his best performance in at least a decade, possibly two. Simply put, Captain Phillips would not function without Hanks. Whether he’s doing basic captain duties, corralling his crew to ward off pirates, playing a duplicitous helper dropping subtle hints to his crew, or a frightened man carefully attempting to create dissent among the ranks of the pirates, Hanks is always convincing. The actor particularly excels in his line delivery, striking a difficult balance between gaining trust with some while simultaneously alienating others." -  Forrest Cardamenis, The Film Stage -

Most of these reviews praise the last five minutes of the movie and Tom Hanks's performance in that last scene saying it could well be "the most raw, emotional acting he's ever delivered on screen." During the post-screening press Q&A, Tom Hanks and Paul Greengrass explained that this scene has been improvised on the spot from an intuition they both shared. Also, real crew members of the USS Bainbridge appear beside Tom Hanks in that scene, not actors. You can watch extracts from that Q&A in our videos, in which they explain how they shot this scene. We've also added a red carpet interview of Tom Hanks as well as two new TV spots that offer some new footage.


Photos of the Captain Phillips' premiere have been added ot our gallery.