Letterman & new videos

December 08, 2009

Tom Hanks did a cameo appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman yesterday night. He reacted to each entry of the Top Ten List : "Top 10 Ways Tiger Woods Can Improve His Image". You can watch the video below and we'll try to add it to the video archives later on.

We've added two videos to the Documentaries, in the video archives. One is the Top 10 "Small Screen, Big Stars" from TV Land and Tom Hanks is at the top of the list. We know he's the biggest of them all ! You'll hear several people talking about him. The second video is a 9-minute junket interview from 1998 for the release of Saving Private Ryan.


Tom Hanks and his production company are currently working on a "docu-drama", which is most likely be another miniseries, about John F. Kennedy assassination. We know that Bill Paxton, who worked with Tom Hanks on Apollo 13, should be part of the project as well. Apparently they hope to complete it for 2013, in other words for the 50th anniversary of Kennedy's death.


Jamie82, December 09, 2009

Ha ha that was funny

Peter, December 14, 2009

It is SO SO easy to hate Tom Hanks. He is great looking (and looks about 20 years younger than his stated age); He is the best actor on the plan; He apparently happily married with a great family; He doesn't screw up his life by affairs with women half his age (or any age, apparently; He doesn't smoke or drink to excess and apparently not addicted to any other substances; He is politically and socially conscious and participates in causes that help the planet and those on it; etc. etc. etc.

So, I have two questions:
1. How can you NOT hate this guy.
2. When is his next movie coming out, I cannot wait to see it!

Seriously, Tom Hanks is to thank for many pleasurable hours I and my family spend watching his movies.