Forrest Gump, WWII Museum & video

November 04, 2009

You can purchase the Sapphire Edition of the classic movie Forrest Gump since yesterday. For the occasion, the site MovieJungle has posted 14 clips from the bonus features. You can directly access the different clips featuring Tom Hanks by clicking below.

And 15 years after the release of the movie, the inhabitants of Savannah remember the shooting. You can see a video on their website, about the shooting and their memories.
Marlena Smalls, founder and director of the Hallelujah Singers, was hired to do the gospel pieces in the movie, but she also ended up being cast as Mrs. Blue, Bubba's mother.

Smalls was impressed with the professionalism of Tom Hanks and Sally Fields.
"They were just people like you and I. They were very cost-conscious and very earthbound," she said.

Tom Hanks will attend the private screening of the documentary Beyond all Boundaries at the National WWII Museum, tomorrow night, in New Orleans. You can read an article about Tom Hanks producing this documentary in the press archive. According to the article :

Hanks and others affiliated with the film are slated to walk a red carpet Thursday for a private screening. On Friday there will be a military flyover and red carpet procession of World War II veterans, and entertainer Mickey Rooney is scheduled to perform with his band.
The celebration will continue through the weekend with a Victory Stomp block party Saturday and a retrospective honoring the museum's founder, the late Stephen Ambrose, on Sunday.

We've also added a 4-minute video from the interview Tom Hanks gave during the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 25th Anniversary Concert. Before leaving, he gave the journalists a good advice, "Don't forget to tip the waitresses !".