Letterman & Rock and Roll Hall of Fame concert

October 31, 2009

Tom Hanks was on Letterman on October 29th. We've added photos from his visit to the gallery, including some very cute ones with Tom Hanks holding a baby.


Tom Hanks also attended the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 25th Anniversary Concert both on October 29th and 30th. You can find photos of both evenings in the gallery. The HBO Special will air on November 29th.


In the video archives, you can find Tom Hanks's appearance on Letterman where he talked about his trip with his brother Jim, a behind-the scenes featurette for The Pacific as well as an interview from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Concert where Tom Hanks said that his favorite 2009 song was Single Ladies.


On November 6, 2009 Tom Hanks will attend the Grand Opening of The National World War II Museum's expansion. He produced and narrated the documentary called Beyond All Boundaries for the museum which will start being projected on this day.

And on November 9, 2009 Tom Hanks should attend the Los Angeles premiere of Old Dogs, a movie starring John Travolta, Robin Williams and Rita Wilson... It will takes place at the El Capitan Theatre, around 6pm.