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June 11, 2009

Tom Hanks was on The Colbert Report yesterday. Before Colbert left for Iraq last week, he and Tom Hanks prepared a segment that shows the pair putting together care packages for the troops... You can watch it in the video archives.
TV Guide was in the train Tom Hanks took along with the veterans from Paris to Normandy, on June 6, to celebrate the 65th anniversary of D-Day. See what he had to say about the trip!


Tom Hanks revisits the D-Day landings in a new TV documentary. He had taken a HBO film crew with him for the journey and chronicled the historic occasion. He interviewed eight surviving members of Easy Company. You will see him interviewing the surviving veterans of the 1944 World War Two battle in the documentary which should air on HBO soon.

In the gallery, we've added 225 photos from the 1998 events and we're currently working on adding more.
We've also added four new photoshoot pics. You can find them in the albums Photoshoot 82 and Various Black & White.