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November 01, 2014


Evandro Oliveira, Brazil

June 20, 2014

Hello Mr. Hanks, I greatly admire all the work. His films have an incredible content that makes me think a lot. Including The Pacific and Band of Brothers. (Much better than Game of Thrones). His performance in Captain Phillips was breathtaking, it was simply extraordinary! you deserve the Oscar! This great movie made me think a lot, not only about what is going through a kidnapping situation, and as such, but also on the tragic situation in Somalia. You seem to be a very intellectual man, conveys a different look from the other actors. I wonder if you have a book that tells his story and his thoughts on life and various things. I would love to know you better and be able to use as inspiration for many plans and dreams I have in Brazil. Thank you for listening. Evandro

Beren, Türkiye

June 20, 2014

TOM HANKS,I watched all your movies. you are a hero of one like you,will never be

Vina Suardi, Indonesia

June 15, 2014

Hi guys, This is a wonderful site for all Tom Hanks' fans in the world. Thanks for creating and maintaining it well. I came across this site a couple months ago and have been enjoying every bit of it. I just wonder when you are uploading other video of the man.. since the latest one was way back from January. Thanks in advance guys.. keep up the good work.. :)

SusanCrabb, NovaScotia,Canada

May 23, 2014

I have never written to a celebrity before, but after watching Captain Phillips last night, felt I had to. The whole movie was so authentic you really felt the tension and I was glued to my seat. Everybody did a great acting job, but I had forgotten how many great movies you have been involved in. One of our all time favourite is Philadelphia and you did a fantastic job for aids patients. I could go on and one, but won't as I think you understand by now that I think you are a great actor. Keep bringing us great movies to watch, and thank you for all your hard work in making these films come to life. I am 68 and have probably seen all your movies, especially Big!!!! Good health and happiness to you and your family. Susan Crabb. Port Dufferin,Nova Scotia, CA.

Becke, California

May 05, 2014

Captain Phillips is one of the most incredible movies to date, in my opinion. Tom Hanks is such a brilliant Actor, so talented and on point. Thank you so much

Captain LG LIMA, Rio de Janeiro - Brasil

February 20, 2014

Dear Tom, I´d like to express my gratitudes to you about Captain Phillips movie wich one shows the true reality of Somali coast problems and the risk associated to all ships crossing the somali basin. As a Navy Captain retired and working as a ship´s Captain in the merchant navy there is no words to tell you how magnificent was this movie and the information broadcasted to the international maritime community and to the somali people. Important to mention as a WW II reader Save Private Ryan (1998) and Band of Brothers series about europe and pacific war including your meeting with Major Richard Winters were the most important world history to be released to the pople to undertsand our world life process. Once again congratulations for being one of the most respected actors in the world! God bless you and yours. Captain LG LIMA Abu Dhabi

Michael, Germany

December 27, 2013

Well, I',m a German boy from Lübeck, a city nearby Hamburg/Germany at the Baltic Sea. It's a graet honoeur for me to look your films. I have very much respect for your films and your roles you take. It is always a pleasure for me to take part of your very intersted films. What else can I say more that you are one of the best actor of our times today. Please do it like before. I'm not a man to do things like that, but while I#m looking 'Illuminati' on TV in Germany it's claer: You're the best for me. I like to see films like you do. My best wishes for you in common. Yüu're fan in Germany Michi

Maria for a friend, Germany

November 28, 2013

Dear fans, a very nice artist I got to know would like to give away this beautiful popart of handsome young Tom Hanks, if anyone should be interested, please let me know :-) She would be happy if it went to someone who really will love it. take care and thanks Maria

Norma Woodruff, Mishawaka, Indiana

October 19, 2013

Mr. Hanks: I have followed your movie career since it's beginning and in my 58 years find you to be one of the most versatile actors ever to hit the screen. You stand with a small group. Recently, my husband and I watched Forrest Gump (again). We never tire of the heart warming story and our trip through the times WE lived through with Forrest. Since this last viewing, I have pondered over and over in my mind what it might be like to see an Old Forrest in a movie. I know a true classic can never be "re-done". This is just a thought that keeps meandering in my head. As I have grown older and feel the aches and pains of two knee replacements and arthritis and the delight of grandchildren, I wondered "what would Forrest do"? Kindest Regards, Norma Woodruff
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