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Suzanne Seguin, Gatineau, Quebec, CANADA

July 09, 2012

Happy Birthday Tom! I am a great fan of your films and wish you all the best on your 56th birthday. I hope you have continued happiness and good heatlh and success in the years to come. Suzanne

Kelly Obermayer, Hannah's Hope Fund, Albany Area, NY

May 29, 2012

I write to ask for your support. Hannah's Hope Fund for GAN has worked tirelessly for the past 4 years and has brought the hope of a cure/treatment through our gene delivery clinical trial. Giant Axonal Neuropathy is a rare genetic disease that renders these children quadriplegics, dependent on feeding and breathing tubes and they typically die in their mid 20's. Before HHF there was not HOPE, now there is. We have funded the research and development, FDA safety and toxicology required studies and our Natural History Study has started at Columbia U. Our team of Scientists tell us the Clinical Trial to deliver a healthy copy of the GAN Gene which will stop the progression of the disease and save lives. Our delivery vector will also have efficacy on other disease communities like ALS, CMT and SMA. Through grass routes fund raising we have gotten this far but we need your help. Please visit today. Each day, each minute these children are slowly loosing the ability to walk, talk and even breath unassisted. Please Help!

Kurt Micallef , Malta

May 16, 2012

Hi Mr. Hanks from a few picture in the local and UK news i got to know your in Malta. I happen to have a restaurant on the island and would like to invite you for a meal. i have given you my e mail so that you can contact me to advice me on how many you will be. thanks and hope to hear from you. Kurt

Daniela Weber, Germany

May 05, 2012

You can see with the heart that is much invisible to the eye. This happens when I see your films... Tom, you are a great actor. I love your Movies, my first Movie from you was BIG and then came Sleepless in Seattle and A message form you. I saw all your films. Dear Tom Hanks, you are a fascinating, very good, talented actor. I dream my whole life to meet you. I wish you and your family all the best... Maybe you send me an e-mail All the best for you and your family..

Brian Cardona, Malta

April 11, 2012

I wished all my life to meet Tom Hanks i saw all his films and i told may be i can meet him i offer him a drink here in Malta thats one of my dreams since im we both here in Malta and maybe show him around :) Thanks Brian Cardona

Sam Onyechi, Nigeria

March 23, 2012

Tom, you are a great actress, probably the best of your generation, and I loved your films, especially the ones that had morals and respect for God and the Christian beliefs. I know your site may not publish this but it is important that you realize that what you had was a good gift which you may have lost as pride in your sklls took over the good side of you and you began to merge the sacred with the profane, finding nothing bad or insensitive or even sacrilegious in doing some movies you should not have. The more you do, the more you seem to want to know if indeed God does exist, to challenge Him to a duet. You are growing old now and soon there will be a transition to another level of existence. What if He does exist? Think again. - Your greatest fan.

Penny, Illinois

March 22, 2012 disappointed in you for your part in the Obama video. I am also disappointed that you lied, or at least didn't get your facts straight, in this video. I noticed there was no mention of the failed stimulus, and the fact that Obamacare is going to cost 2-3 times what was initially reported to us. You were a beloved actor that most people used to adore, and you and others thought this would make the video believable. Well, from my research, this certainly isn't working. I will never watch another Tom Hanks movie....such a shame. You are a great actor, and I will miss you.

Ann, San Diego

March 22, 2012

Tom - man, I am so bummed that you came out for Obama...I have loved your movies and will now boycott them. Absolutely. You were one of the last stars I actually pay money to see. You made the wonderful, patriotic war / military movies...I had so much respect for your work...I don't get your socialist leanings. I thought you had more sense.

Craig Montegue, Illinois

March 18, 2012

Tom Hanks lied in his new campaign video for Barack Obama. First of all, it's a campaign video tom - not a documentary, and secondly - general motors has not paid off it government loan to the federal government. It has repaid less than half of the 50 billion it owes. So tom, you're a damn liar. If you keep hanging around these scumbag democrats, you're going to ruin your reputation.

Jeff Fenerty, East Coast

March 17, 2012

I and many others are entertained at your skill as an actor, but that entertainment factor is lost when you are in tank for such a socialist like Barack Obama. I am done watching or supporting anything you do in the future. To qoute a famous movie line; Life is like a box of chocolates, You just dont know what your going to get. We know what we got in this box and it sucks.
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