Awesome Sports Movies That Anyone Can Enjoy

Awesome Sports Movies That Anyone Can Enjoy

Are sports movies just as exciting as a sports match? You might say no because the protagonists win in the end. But if you watch truly good sports movies you know that’s not entirely true. Also, you don’t watch a sports movie to see who wins in the end, you watch it because of the journey and excitement it provides. Just like you can use Bethard Bonus Code to make sports betting more entertaining, you can use sports movies to make drama movies more entertaining because it has to do with sports. So, let’s go over some sports movies that pretty much anyone can enjoy


If there is one thing this movie proved it’s that there is such a thing as a moral victory. You don’t need to knockout your opponent or have judges decide in your favor to be a victory. You win by overcoming all odds and go past your limits.

The fight between Rocky and Creed is truly spectacular, and the whole movie about the preparation for the fight is a great drama. Even though the protagonist does not win, the movie is so uplifting and it’s better for it.

Not only that but this movie inspired so many other great films, animated movies, and comics. The scene where a hero still stands even if beaten to a pulp, by solely relying on an iron will or fighting spirit, is one of the most common tropes nowadays.    


Another gripping story about fighting but this time there is no bad guy, so you are not sure what outcome you want to see. It’s once again a drama about two brothers who enter the ultimate fighting tournament for their own reasons, and both really need the prize money. You can say that story is unrealistic as there are lots of other ways to make money, without putting yourself at such risk, but that’s not entirely true. You kind of stick to things you know and you are good at, as you see them as more reliable, and given that both brothers were trained fighters, it’s not too hard to believe why they see this as a solution to their problems. 

A League of Their Own

For those who love baseball, this is probably the best movie out there. Not only does it deliver on great acting performance by Tom Hanks, Madonna, Geena Davis, and Lori Petty, the movie also understands the essence of the sport. Also, the movie really catches you by surprise, you might think you are in for some kind of a comedy but it starts to shape up into a beautiful story about two sisters, and baseball league during the second world war.   

Shaolin Soccer

An over the top comedy that is truly entertaining and it’s about kung fu and soccer but somehow doesn’t do justice by any of the two sports. Nevertheless, there are plenty of funny and epic moments here, and the finale ends up being an all-out battle between two teams where the ball is simply used as a tool to inflict damage and decide the winner. So, if you ever wondered who would win in a soccer game, between a team of Shaolin monks and pro player fueled by some sort of magical steroids, definitely watch Shaolin Soccer