Everything You Need to Know about Tom Hanks’ Finch!

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However, nothing can beat a Tom Hanks movie when it comes to pure entertainment and delight. 

A recently released Tom Hanks movie is called Finch. What is it about? Is it worth watching? Here is everything you need to know about Finch.

Finch – Trouble With Covid

Finch was scheduled to be released in October of 2020, but due to Covid, it was pushed 13 months more and was released in November 2021. Filming was done primarily in New Mexico, but even though it was filmed in February and March of 2019, post-production was heavily delayed.

This isn’t surprising, given the movie’s effects and setting. In a post-apocalyptic world, Finch needed a lot of work before it was to look as beautiful as it is today. But, we all want to know about the movie’s story, of course.

The Narrative – Unoriginal but Fine

A post-apocalyptic future is upon us in Finch, caused by a solar flare. The ozone layer is almost gone and setting foot in the sun means certain death. This is a problem, as one can imagine, as humans really need sunlight.

Finch is the eponymous character in the movie, with the surname Weinberg. He is a robotics scientist who has a dog named Goodyear and a helper robot named Dawey. However, he knows that his death is almost certainly upon him and proceeds to create an advanced robot to take care of Goodyear. The robot is taught everything and chooses the name Jeff for himself.

Jeff and Goodyear struggle bonding but the four of them have to leave St. Louis, where Finch was located in an underground science lab, because of a freak storm that would destroy the city. 

They head out into the world, and this is where the adventure begins.

What Was the Movie Like?

From a perspective of acting and performances, really well. Tom Hanks does a great job, which he always does, to be fair. His performance was praised by most critics and fans alike. Where the movie fell short was the setting. Post-apocalyptic movies are interesting, but the setting seemed like it was simply there to make Finch’s story believable. It is one of the weakest points of the movie, even though the acting is great.

Should You See it?

Well, do you like Tom Hanks? Are you up for a good performance? Can you overlook mediocre backstories and an alright setting? If yes, then you should see the movie. It is available on most streaming services, so consider viewing it if you want a bit of drama and sci-fi survival.

Tom Hanks never fails to deliver a good performance, and with that, you will be thrilled to hear that Finch is a great movie. Try it and see for yourself, it is a touching performance with a mediocre setting.