Funniest Movies Starring Tom Hanks

Funniest Movies Starring Tom Hanks

Comedy is hard, especially because people have a different sense of humor. What you find funny someone else might find offensive and vice versa. So creating a comedy film that is in a way “safe” and funny at the same time is nearly impossible. However, there are few exceptions that don’t make jokes on someone else’s expense, or at least they do it in a sort of charming manner, so it’s not interpreted as a provocation. In a way those movies are more than just a comedy that throws jokes at you and see what sticks, they are funny, touching, and tell an interesting story. Of course, Tom Hanks has starred in a handful of these touching comedies. So, if you haven’t seen these movies yet, make sure you do, they are worth it.  

The Terminal

The Terminal is a really funny story about a foreigner who ends up living on an airport due to a technicality. While traveling political climate in his country has changed, and as a result, his password was no longer valid, so he could neither enter the US nor go back home. He is forced to improvise, adapt to the new surrounding and basically survive on the airport. It’s comic, interesting and has romantic elements, so you will definitely like it if you haven’t seen it already.  

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Forrest Gump

Forrest Gump is one amazing movie that received the highest praise worldwide, it just happened to have a lot of funny moments, which is why we must mention it here is as well. It introduces Forrest as a challenged character but throughout the story, he does not only surpass the expectations of others but also pushes the limits of what’s humanly possible. He ends up becoming an inspiration for everyone without losing any of his humility. It’s kind of a story trope at this point but at the time when the movie was released everyone was stunned and empowered by the experience, and funny moments are there just to magnify that inner joy. 

Toy Story

Finally, Toy Story is an animated franchise for kids, but it has so many funny moments that it will make any adult laugh. A kid might not understand why it’s so funny when Buzz Lightyear becomes a seducer once they switch him to Spanish settings, but adults are well aware of this positive stereotype that is attached to Latinos. Of course, there are many other funny moments aimed at a mature audience, so it would be wrong not to add Toy Story as a comedy movie. Furthermore, many of us grew up watching Toy Story so it’s only reasonable that we continued to watch it even after 10+ years.