How The Disney and 21st Century Fox deal could change the Marvel Cinematic Universe As We Know It

How The Disney and 21st Century Fox deal could change the Marvel Cinematic Universe As We Know It

Just after the announcement of the acquisition of 21st Century Fox by Disney, the internet went crazy with every Marvel fanboys and girls coming up with ideas and opinions about the new possibilities this could mean for the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The acquisition of 21st Century Fox by Disney meant a lot of things to both Marvel Cinematic Universe and to every fanboy or girl out there.

Indeed, the acquisition will open doors to new possibilities in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, previously only possible in comic books and could change the Marvel entire Universe as we know it today.

For starters, Marvel will now have the right to graft all of its previous characters owned by 21st Century Fox into its Avengers series – forming a complete Marvel Universe, a feat possible only before now, in the Marvel comic books.

This acquisition will probably be a fulfillment of every Marvel fans innermost desire – “a complete onscreen Marvel Universe just as it is in comic books.”

With the Disney and 21st Century Fox deal, there will be unending crossovers of favourite mutant heroes from the X-Men series and Fantastic Four into the exciting Marvel heroes.

Before now and since 2009, the Marvel characters; X-Men (Wolverine, Professor X, Magneto, Storm, Cyclops, Jean Grey, etc) and those in fantastic four – the invisible woman, the human torch, mister fantastic, and Spiderman has been under the banner of 21st Century Fox and Sony respectively.

This was the reason why we couldn’t find the complete Marvel heroes especially the mutant heroes and the human spider, onscreen in the Marvel series previously been released.

Sony will still own the right to the Spiderman character, and we probably will not see him or even any of the other mutant heroes in the MCU anytime soon.

For one, Sony still retains the rights to the Spiderman character, while it can be arranged for special appearances, Marvel timetables is already filled up with movies slated even for 2020!

Aside from being choked with activities, translating characters from the one to the other might prove a bit difficult though not entirely impossible.

21st Century Fox approach to its characters and their universe has been entirely different from Marvel Cinematic Universe.

For one, 21st Century Fox mutant characters are more like heroes being clawed at by humans for their “powers and gifts” while on the other hand, Marvel characters are in “shape” and entirely in control of their universe.

Integrating both worlds into the same time and space might almost be impossible without the storyline spinning out of control or even becoming more of a “fresh” start – which is also not an option, to begin with.

It’ll prove challenging for Marvel Cinematic Universe to integrate the fantastic four characters from a movie judged to be a horror to its rather cheery characters without making a muddled race.

We could continue on and on with all the likely challenges Marvel will face if it tries to make itself “whole” again by integrating its former superheroes but that will only mean being pessimistic.

After all, challenges hold the most significant breakthroughs of them all, and we have every reason to believe that Marvel will undoubtedly come up with something marvelous as it always does to meet our innermost desire of a united Marvel Cinematic Universe heroes against the ever invading villains.