Is It True that Tom Hanks bet on Leicester to Win the Premier League?

Is It True that Tom Hanks bet on Leicester to Win the Premier League?

Tom Hanks is a highly respected and celebrated Hollywood star and a fan of Premier League club, Aston Villa. He won the Academy Award for Best Actor about a decade or two ago. So, when he stated that he had wagered £100 on Leicester City Football Club to win the English Premier League, the whole world took notice.

People regularly bet on sports, find good promotions both offline and online, visit casino sites, and read about mFortune Bonus Review, or reviews similar to it; however, some people are not willing to believe the word of the Hollywood A-lister as it could elicit the anger of diehard Aston Villa supporters around the world.

Other people think that Hanks could have placed the wager only when his dearly loved Aston Villa were relegated to the second tier. This is the first time such an occurrence would take place since 1988. Hanks purportedly had a brief interview on a red carpet with ITV where he told a reporter of his alleged £100 bet on Leicester City FC to win the Premier League.

The red-carpet event was for a London film premiere for the movie “A Hologram for the King.” Although the wager is said to be an unlikely one, if Leicester City had indeed won the League, Mr. Tom Hanks would have carted home nothing less than a hefty sum of £500,000, a truly unlikely payout for the bookies.

At the start of the season, Leicester City had one of the worst odds of 5000-1in the league.

Leicester City surprised their fans and supporters around the world when they rose unbelievably from a struggling team that was about to be relegated penultimate season to Premier League winners in 2016. It was an incredible and astonishing feat that left fans in utter shock across the globe.

Reports filtered in that at the start of the season, only twenty-five people placed bets on the Foxes to top the Premier League table.

A few of them cashed out, though none of the wagers they placed was for £100. At the time, the Foxes just needed three points over the next three games to win the Premier League.

Hanks has been dwelling over the dismal performance of his team, Aston Villa at the league, though it wouldn’t have shaken his projected $390million net worth if he had indeed placed the bet.

The first time Tom Hanks claimed to be an ardent supporter of Aston Villa was back in 2001, stating that he “liked the name.” He was present at the pre-season match between Portland Timbers and Aston Villa in 2012.

Hanks attempted to appease the long-suffering supporters of Aston Villa on BBC Radio 5 Live: “Listen. Rooting for a football team is a life lesson, the ups are ups, and the downs are downs, you’ve just got to roll with them.”

However, Hanks reps have confirmed that the movie star was joking.