New Star Wars Trilogy To Be Made By Game Of Throne Creators

New Star Wars Trilogy To Be Made By Game Of Throne Creators

Game Of Throne creators, David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, will be writing and directing a new Star Wars trilogy on their own.

Surprisingly, this new trilogy won’t be episodes X, XI, and XII as you might think, nor a continuation of the Last Jedi by Rian Johnson. No, the new trilogy will be hatching and following a new storyline however it will be set in the Star Wars universe and will feature a host of the original star wars machines and other entities from different corners of the universe.

The news of the new development was announced on Tuesday by Disney film and Lucasfilm – the creator of the original star wars series.

Speaking about the new endeavors, Kathleen Kennedy, the Lucasfilm president, believes The Game Of Throne creators are masters in the fine arts of storytelling and at weaving mythology in elaborate tales and plots as seen in the HBO hit movie The Game Of Throne, an adaptation of George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire books,

The new trilogy by David Benioff and D.B. Weiss will be entirely different from the Rian Johnson’s forthcoming trilogy and the Skywalker films.

This is really not the first time the Lucasfilm company is actually making standalone movies, set in the star wars universe. Others like the previous Skywalker trilogy by J.J Adam, The Rogue, Solo and the more recent the Last Jedi helmed by Rian Johnson were subject of debate for quite some time.

However, the news of the makers of the game of throne creators starting a new Star Wars trilogy with their own storyline really struck some subtle cords with fans.

For one, the game of throne through a huge success is nothing like the star wars universe. Whereas murders, rapes, incest, and vices gave voice to the game of Thrones, Star Wars is nobler in its approach and world and comes with good-natured humour.

For most fans, aside from damaging the storyline and changing the already familiar universe in which their character walks and have their own beings, their biggest fear is the loss of the continuity of the original star wars series.

Though it seems Disney will never dish the original star wars series as we know it but then, it will have to battle for more attention as more and more “star wars” series will be popping up in the same market.

Before now, the HBO, game of throne creators were actually on the move to create the confederate – a movie depicting an alternate reality where the south succeeded in separating from the state, a country where slavery would be the order of the day.

Given the level of vices in the game of throne series, the movie was already controversial even before it sees the light of day. The movie makers promise they understand how sensitive the issue is and believe they will indeed tread softly.

However, with the recent developments of the new Star Wars trilogy, it seems the issue of the confederate have been swept under the carpet and forgotten.