Ocean’s 8, The Newest Installment in The Ocean’s Franchise

Ocean’s 8, The Newest Installment in The Ocean’s Franchise

We all love heist movies, right? From the 1998 Lock, Stock and Two barrels, to 2014 American Heist and then, of course, the Ocean’s series.

Ocean’s 8 is the latest instalment in this series of franchise movies, and we’ll be doing an early review for movies goers. Even though the movie itself doesn’t revolve around casinos, money and casino winnings which are possible with something like the Winstar promo code for 2019, it’s still very gripping and fun to watch.

The series is Ocean’s Eleven, Ocean’s Twelve, Ocean’s Thirteen which can be called part 1-3 and of course Ocean’s 8.

The first 3 features George Clooney, Matt Damon and Brad Pitt as the stars, but 8 is different. Because a lady, Sandra Bullock leads the heist team here, and this fact is one of the most interesting features of this film.

This George Clooney heist franchise hit the screen sometime in 2001, it was a remake by Steven Soderbergh of Ocean’s Eleven of 1960.

Of course, the Ocean’s series has been well received, grossing over $1.3 billion with the Ocean’s Eleven doing best commercially.

The new instalment has been received very heartily though, especially by the ladies, some have called it a form of female empowerment, well I can’t really say how this movie related to that.

It has been hailed as the female version of Ocean 11, in that it features an all-female cast, cast by here would mean an all-female gang of thieves.

And as is with all things female, they bring their own interpretation and energy into it. In real life, heists and robberies are definitely not places one would always find women.

However, these actresses make it theirs in this movie. Ocean’s 8 features a lot of A-list actresses as the main cast, (8 in number) and also a good number of celebrities for cameo appearances since it was shot at the Met Gala event.

Some of the lead actors in this movie include Sandra Bullock, (the “heist convener”), Anne Hathaway, Helena  Bonham Carter, Awkwafina, Mindy Kaling, Sarah Paulson and the multi-award winner artiste Rihanna.

The movie was produced by Steven Soderberg, with George Clooney being on the production team as well; however, we are not sure if he’s going to appear in the film. Nevertheless, his friend Matt Damon will have an appearance in the film.

The film starts as all heists are known to start, with an object of great value (real or perceived) to be stolen, some money to be made, lots of money actually and then maybe as in the case of Sandra Bullock’s character, some old scores to be settled.  

The plan is to steal the Toussaint, a very expensive Cartier jewel, worth about $150million, sell it and then frame her ex-boyfriend (Debbie’s Boyfriend) for the theft of the jewel as payback for ratting her out to the police,  years back. Debbie already had a plan for this, which she relays to her friend Lou and then together they pick a team of 6 other women.

Does the plan succeed, well you’d have to see the movie to find out, and we won’t like to spoil it for you.