The Ladykillers Review: A movie With A Twist

The Ladykillers Review: A movie With A Twist

The 2004 Ladykillers is a remake of three 1955 movies of the same title. Alec Guinness, the leading star of the 1955 version, was so inspiring and loving that it was almost impossible to separate the character from his role.

The 2004 remake, however, is more of a trying-to-be-funny and ending up not being funny – at least not in the way we all expected. Sure, you’ll have some good laughs especially with the choice of words, and the low muttered cursing but aside that the movie ain’t that funny. Instead of watching such a boring movie about casinos, people say it’s better to skip it and grab the Tropicana Casino welcome bonus to play some casino games that will really bring some fun to your life. Save your time and read the review of the movie here: 

Goldthwait Higginson Dorr

The Ladykillers (and I’m talking about the 2004 remake) stars Tom Hanks who plays Guinness’ role if we’re to compare the original with the remake, although it seems Hanks couldn’t infuse as much anonymity into his role as Guinness; however, his performance is quite commendable.

Hank’s character is Goldthwait Higginson Dorr – a man who claims to be a professor of Latin and Greek and a massive fan of classical music and Edgar Allen Poe.

Dorr teams up with Lump – a dim football player; Garth Pancake, who suffers from IBS; Gawain McSam; and the last man General who hides his chain-smoking habits from the landlady by concealing his cigarette in his mouth.

The Plan

The gang of four planned to steal from a casino underground vault by digging a tunnel from a house not far from the casino. This ambition leads the gang to Mrs. Marva Munson, a strict, religious elderly woman, whose house is close enough to the said casino.

Dorr and his friends had to pose as a band of classical musicians who’d love to have a quiet place for regular practice. The good-natured Mrs. Marva Munson gave the group a place to stay as well as the underground cellar for their regular practice. Through a series of digs, funny cursing, and amusing plays, the gang was able to carry out their devious aims, however, was later discovered by Mrs. Marva Munson, who planned to report them to the authorities unless they return the stolen money and “follow” her to church the next Sunday.

The band disagreed with this arrangement and tried to convince her that what was actually stolen was a small sum compared to the real amount and that the insurance company will compensate the casino anyways. But Mrs. Marva Munson will have none of that, and so the band plans to murder her in her sleep. But no member, however, was willing to volunteer, so they had a cast, and the lot fell on Gawain, but who later failed in the task, since he then realized that Mrs. Marva Munson actually reminds him much about his mother.


This leads to a fight between Gawain and Dorr, which resulted in Gawain being shot and his body dumped into a trash barge.

The trend of killings and death continues within the gang through various mishap until all members of the group died with Dorr being the last man to join his pal as he fell off a bridge and got strangled.

Mrs. Marva Munson later found the stolen money in her house and had to call the police, but they never believed her story and told her to keep the money. Not knowing what else to do, Mrs. Marva Munson donated the money to the Bob Jones University.

The Ladykillers is quite a twist between the very sense of right and the fight to survive in the society and one that actually stirs heart stirring emotions, especially with its unusual ending.