The Most Awesome Movies that Take Place in Las Vegas

The Most Awesome Movies that Take Place in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is pretty much synonymous with good times, flashing lights, never-ending party, and of course lots and lots of casinos. However, a lot of people never get to truly experience Las Vegas so they have to settle for second-hand virtual versions, which is still entertaining. And just like Casino and Friends Bonus Code Offer allows us to extend our online casino experience, movies centered around Las Vegas allow us to briefly live in a story that takes place in this amazing city. Now let’s go over some of the best films that you can watch that are of course set in Las Vegas. 

Ocean’s Eleven

Ocean’s Eleven is definitely one of the first movies that come to life, but depending on when you were born, a different version of the film might your reference. In the older version Las Vegas is more down to earth whereas the current trilogy is way more immersive when it comes to wild and flashy Vegas experience. Sure the plot and pacing might be more convoluted and characters are way over the top, but still, it is an enticing film, with a memorable cast.  


Casino is just another masterfully executed crime epic by Martin Scorsese and at the same time one of the most memorable roles of Robert De Niro. It’s a story about loyalty, and betrayal within a criminal organization, and perhaps an exploration of the topic on how you can easily get blinded and lose the sense of self in the majesty of Las Vegas. Even though it’s fiction it’s incredibly detailed when portraying how mobsters run the city, which is what makes the story more believable or immersive. 

The Hangover

We cannot mention movies in Las Vegas and skip one of the greatest comedies of all time The Hangover. We all know the saying what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but the movie splendidly played with that idea. Indeed that’s what this movie is all about, a bunch of characters trying to figure out what exactly happened one night, in order to find their missing friend. Also, you just know the story is going to be awesome when the protagonists wake up with a trashed apartment, missing tooth, unknown baby, and a tiger in their room. It really begs the question – what happened here last night in the name of God?


To top it all the movie has everything, casinos, gambling, clash with mobsters, crazy parties, and amazing humor. It’s a shame that sequels couldn’t live up to the original movie, but at least we got one epic story that is surely a classic by now.