Tom Hanks as a Director

Tom Hanks as a Director

We all know and love Tom Hanks for his iconic roles or performances. He is a professional and amazing actor who can make us laugh, cry, get excited or scared depending on the role. However, is he as good of a director? Truth be told, there are not many movies or shows that we know of directed by Tom Hanks, so if he directed some family plays, or school presentations, we don’t know about those. In other words, we will only be able to gauge his director skills based on the history that is publicly available.  

Larry Crowne

Larry Crowne came out a few years back, more precisely in 2011, and it was co-written,  and directed by Tom Hanks, also he plays the main character in the movie. The movie also has an amazing cast, Julia Roberts, George Takei, and Brayan Cranston.

However, the movie did not receive great reviews, and there might be a few reasons for that. First, people did know what to expect or maybe how to place this movie. It’s not really a comedy, or a romantic drama, although it does have parts that are funny and romantic in a way. 

It is really a simple and nice story about a guy named Larry Crowne, who is really positive and charismatic, but just had bad luck. Maybe people were expecting more, given the Tom Hanks reputation, or wanted something really emotional, but truth be told, the movie did not in any way set itself to be that. So, it’s not a masterpiece, but it is an enjoyable movie to watch.   

That Thing You Do!

This movie dates way back to 1996, and once again it was written and directed by Tom Hanks, but this time he does not play the main protagonist, although he is still in the movie. It is a story about a band becoming more popular with all their ups and downs, and it is an uplifting story. 

This movie is liked by many, and even critics agree that it is great, it’s just not as popular as other movies that came in the 90s’.

Once again the cast is amazing, and any Tom Hanks fan will tell you that movie is definitely worth watching. 

Band of Brothers 

Band of Brothers is an incredible TV show that truly stands the test of time. It was released back in 2001, and people are still watching and re-watching it to this day. However, the show in its entirety was not directed by Tom Hanks, he only directed the 5th episode. Considering how the show as a whole is amazing, and how nobody specifically praised or had an issue with the episode Tom Hanks directed it’s safe to say that he knows how to do this.

So to conclude, Tom Hanks did not receive too much praise for his director skills, but that does not mean he is not an excellent director. In fact, it would appear that through his work he really did achieve what he set out to do when he picked up those projects.