Tom Hanks as a Theatre Actor: Henry IV in all his glory

Tom Hanks as a Theatre Actor: Henry IV in all his glory

There are lots of actors and producers that the movie world just can’t stop talking about. This is because of the impacts that they have had on lives over their years of being professionals.

It is important to point out that not every actor or producer has been able to achieve such a feat as most of them have always fallen short when it matters most. However, there are those who have always ensured that value is added to the industry in the best way.

Amongst the second category of actors and producers mentioned above, Tom Hanks stands out.

In case you don’t know who Tom Hanks is in the movie industry, he is not just an actor but also a filmmaker.

He has been widely recognised for his dramatic and comedy roles in movies like Sleepless in Seattle, Splash, League of Their Own, Turner & Hooch and lots of others.

This post will be discussing Tom Hanks’ theatre acting career. It will majorly focus on the role that he played in Henry IV.

His Role

It is important to note that this is one role that Tom Hanks was able to play to perfection. When you want to talk about how professional actors make roles look or sound easy, Tom Hanks was able to achieve this through how he handled the role.

He played the role of Sir John Falstaff which happens to be Shakespeare’s greatest comedy character.

There are roles that he has managed to handle of recent but his performances in most of them have been slightly above average.

However, all of these have changed with how he was able to handle the role of Sir John Falstaff. He did that with great delight and this was able to underline him as Jimmy Stewart’s heir.

Henry IV was a platform where he was able to prove that class is always permanent as against what most people were thinking that he would be preferred producing films rather than being involved in acting since he had lost some of the spark that made him outstanding back in the years.


The role he was given to play in Henry IV was one which gave him the chance to express himself. Wearing a white wig and fat suit, he seemed to have lost it as he tries to do the impossible.

The most amazing thing about him is that the way he played the role makes one not to remember that this is a movie.


The skills which he exhibits in carrying out comedy roles seem to be pure genius. Whether he is trying to receive some credits for getting a man that is already dead killed or struggling to get up from a bench, you will almost die laughing.

What about the way that he gets his lip drooped or raises his eyebrow showing great outrage or disbelief over something that has been done or said.

If there is one thing that Hanks has been able to succeed in the role that he took in Henry IV, such should be how he has been able to keep fans thrilled. They just can’t seem to get enough of him.

There are a very few natural and gifted comedians around who understands how to fit seamlessly into any role given. Tom Hanks just seem to stand out and it is a great joy seeing him do what he knows how to do best in Henry IV.