Tom Hanks Gets His Greek Citizenship

Tom Hanks Gets His Greek Citizenship

Two-time Oscar winner and director, Tom Hanks has finally been awarded his Greek citizenship. This might come as a surprise because we all know that Hanks was born in California. However, his affinity to Greek and Greek culture finally earned him official praise. His citizenship was signed by the Greek President, Prokopis Pavlopoulis who singed the honorary naturalization that granted the Hollywood star the official go.

Hanks’ Wife is Greek

As most of you know, Tom Hanks is in a loving marriage with producer Rita Wilson. But what many of you don’t know is that Rita’s mother was an ethic Greek-born in Albania.

When the two got married back in 1988, Hanks accepted to convert and became an Orthodox Christian as his wife. The two of them have been an exemplary couple throughout the years and stood firm together.

They worked on a number of projects together and one of them is producing the super successful My Big Fat Greek Wedding movie. They were also involved in the sequel and also in producing the short-lived sitcom series of the same name. Additionally, they worked together on My Life in Ruins, with Nia Vardolos who played the lead role in My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

Most of the movies the pair made together were filmed in various parts of Greece. It shows just how much the two are connected with their Greek side and heritage.

Having a wife of Greek descent certainly played a big role in Hanks being awarded the honorary citizenship.

Hanks’ Ties With Greece

Tom Hanks was born in Concord, California, USA. He does not have any ties with Greece whatsoever. However, he really likes the country, the culture and spends a lot of time there.

Hanks has been credited numerous times for his active work for the region and with the people there. He is an active member of the community and has done a lot for the country during its struggles.

More so, Hanks and his wife own a summer home on the island of Antiparos. They are often seen vacationing there together. Hanks particularly likes to go there to relax.

Hanks Loves Ireland as Well

Besides showing his appreciation for Greece, Tom Hanks has also displayed his affection towards another country – Ireland.

He does not have any specific ties with the Emerald Isles but sees it like another home in some way. This is mainly due to his love and appreciation towards the late Vincent Dowling.

Dowling was an Irish actor who passed away and was the person who gave Hanks his first shot at a theatre. Tom holds Dowling deeply in his heart and has emphasized this numerous times in many interviews.