Top Movie Sites for Real Movie Buffs

Top Movie Sites for Real Movie Buffs

How many times have you ended up in a heated debate about a movie with your friends or coworkers? For most of you, the answer might be: “On endless occasions.” You are not the only one that is for sure. Thousands of people do that in real life but a lot of them prefer debating it online.

Blogs exist for such a purpose and movie blogs are quite easy to join. You just need to create an account, the same way as you would create your All British Casino account, and you are in. Ready to debate and give your thoughts about the latest Hollywood hit that has been released.

But which blog should you join? There are lots of things to consider here as there are many available. But never fear, we are here with a list of some prime movie blogs and sites for amateur movie critics. 

Movie Pilot

Movie Pilot is an excellent platform for debating and learning about interesting new movies. It is completely dedicated to the readers as they are the ones that provide content to the blog.

There are over 30 million readers and contributors, making it one of the largest sites of its kind currently.

The curators revise all the submitted materials so you can be assured that you have a quality read about the movies you are interested in.

Also, fans tend to talk about some lesser-known indie movies that are not usually in the spotlight. It is a perfect way for real movie buffs to find something interesting to read about and perhaps watch.

Screen Rant

Screen Rant takes a much more professional approach as opposed to other movie blogs. Actually, the content offered on their platform is written by professional writers and people that are knowledgeable about the industry. Many of the writers hired are actually located in central hubs of the movie industry like LA and New York City.

So you can expect the best and most quality content here. Besides movie reviews and opinions there are exclusive interviews with actors and stars from the Hollywood scene to read.


The good people of Collider give their best to make predictions about future movies. The way they usually do so is by analyzing the newly released trailers. Making assumptions about the plot of the movies and the way it may unravel is really popular nowadays.

It actually makes for a very interesting read. The writers and contributors in Collider are more than knowledgeable about the movies they write about. Particularly if you want to know more about the latest Star Wars project.


Opposed to other famous movie blogs, Screencrush does not focus on the newly released movies. Instead, they take a completely different approach and analyze and compare the old and classic ones with the new.

This is a great place for real movie critics and people who like watching the oldies and discussing them. You may find some very interesting topics here that will certainly get you to reminisce about the good old days of movies.