Return with Honor


Genres : History, War
Runtime : 01h40
First air date : June 11, 1999
Diffusion : Movie Theaters
Directors : Reida Lee Mock
Terry Sanders
Writers : Freddy Lee Mock
Terry Sanders
Christine Z. Wiser

Cast and characters

Tom Hanks Narrator
Paul Galanti Himself
John McCain Himself
Everett Alvarez Himself
George Day Himself
Fred Cherry Himself
Ron Bliss Himself
Jerry Denton Himself
Jeremiah Denton Himself
Sam Johnson Himself
Douglas Hegdahl Himself
Tom Madison Himself
Sam Johnson Himself


The compelling and painful stories of American pilots who became prisoners of war during the Vietnam conflict. The film mixes first-person accounts, American news footage, and never before seen footage from the archives of North Vietnam to reveal the horrors of captivity, the brutality of mental/physical torture, and the very limits of the human will to survive.