From the Earth to the Moon


Genres : Drama, History
First air date : April 05, 1998
Last end date : May 10, 1998
Channel : HBO
Shooting place : The United States

Cast and characters

Tom Hanks Himself (Host) (12 episodes), George Méliès (1 episode)
Nick Searcy Deke Slayton (10 episodes)
Lane Smith Emmett Seaborn (6 episodes)
David Andrews Frank Borman (5 episodes)
Daniel Hugh Kelly Gene Cernan (5 episodes)
Stephen Root Chris Kraft (5 episodes)
David Clyde Carr Gerry Griffin (4 episodes)
Tim Daly Jim Lovell (4 episodes)
Cary Elwes Michael Collins (3 episodes)
John Posey John Young (3 episodes)
Rita Wilson Susan Borman (3 episodes)
Bryan Canston Buzz Aldrin (2 episodes)


This miniseries tells the dramatic story of the unforgettable Apollo missions and their heroic astronauts, from President John F. Kennedy's historic speech, through the first manned expeditions into space, to the defining moment of the space program - putting a man on the moon. "One small step for man... one giant leap for mankind.". These are the stories of the men, women and children who lived, breathed and manufactured from the power of human will one of the greatest achievements in the history of mankind.


Part Title Roles Details
1 Can We Do This ? Director, Narrator, Producer More information
2 Apollo One Narrator, Producer More information
3 We Have Cleared the Tower Narrator, Producer More information
4 1968 Narrator, Producer More information
5 Spider Narrator, Producer More information
6 Mare Tranquilitatis Narrator, Producer, Writer More information
7 That's All There Is Narrator, Producer, Writer More information
8 We Interrupt This Program Narrator, Producer More information
9 For Miles and Miles Narrator, Producer More information
10 Galileo Was Right Narrator, Producer More information
11 The Original Wives Club Narrator, Producer, Writer More information
12 Le Voyage dans la Lune Actor, Narrator, Producer, Writer More information