World War Two Museum Expansion Aims at Younger Generations

November 09, 2009 - VOA News

The National World War Two Museum in New Orleans has opened a new $60-million building that houses a musical theater, a restaurant and a large movie theater for what is billed as a four-dimensional multimedia experience. The 35-minute cinematic presentation is titled "Beyond All...

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'Beyond All Boundaries' documents Pearl harbor to VJ Day

November 09, 2009 - NWA Online

ENTONVILLE — Veterans Day will be upon us in two days, but it came a little early this year in New Orleans. The Big Easy is where you'll find the National World War II Museum. On Friday, the museum opened three new venues -- a theater, a canteen and a restaurant -- as part of a...

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Big Stars Invade Big Easy For WWII Film, Museum

November 05, 2009 - WDSU

NEW ORLEANS -- Big stars were the Big Easy Thursday night to help mark the expansion of the National World War II Museum, and many had the chance to see a film that will be a major attraction at the new Solomon Victory Theatre. Tom Hanks is producing the film, and he told WDSU's Gina...

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Tom Hanks, others screen 'Beyond All Boundaries'

November 05, 2009 - Associated Press

Actors Tom Hanks, Patricia Clarkson and James Cromwell walked the red carpet Thursday before a private screening of the Hanks-produced war film "Beyond All Boundaries" held at the World War II Museum in New Orleans. The film, which includes "4-D" elements such as props...

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Tom Hanks-produced '4-D' film comes to WWII Museum

November 04, 2009 - Associated Press

NEW ORLEANS — Actor Tom Hanks says viewers are in for a realistic "wartime experience" when the new film he produced, "Beyond All Boundaries," opens at the National World War II Museum in New Orleans on Friday. The film will be shown exclusively at the museum's...

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Tom Hanks and Beyond All Boundaries

November 2009 - National Geographic Traveler

It’s a sobering statistic: Every day, we lose 900 veterans of World War II. And with their deaths, we lose their stories, and the connection to a time that revolutionized America. In an effort to preserve those stories, the new 70,000-square-foot wing of the National World War II Museum in...

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Tom Hanks to Give Veterans a USO-Style Tribute

October 26, 2009 - Washington Whispers

Visitors to the National World War II Museum in New Orleans next month are in for a new "4-D, multisensory experience." Its new film, Beyond All Boundaries, to be shown in the museum's new state-of-the-art theater, aims to give viewers a "you are there" feeling, from the...

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Tom Hanks Talks Becoming A Wild Thing, Plus Toy Story 3

October 14, 2009 - io9

We caught up with Wild Things producer Tom Hanks on the carpet last night for the big premiere, to chat about wild rumpusing — and learned that there's more than one new plaything appearing in the third Toy Story movie. Things were a bit chaotic on the carpet last night but we...

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Star tells students he stole his first laugh line

October 12, 2009 - Cleveland Live

Tom Hanks did not exactly tell Cleveland-area high school students Monday morning that theft would get them ahead in life. But he sort-of did. Hanks -- in town to help raise the last $600,000 in Great Lakes Theater Festival's $19.2 million campaign to renovate PlayhouseSquare's...

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Hanks returns to Cleveland to say big 'Thanks' to GLTF

October 10, 2009 - Cleveland Live

Tom Hanks leads a repertory life, and says he still owes us for it. He's a top-grossing movie star; a producer, writer, director; and an espouser of causes. That's an "artistic bent, almost a philosophy, which I learned for the first time onstage in Cleveland," Hanks...

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