Hanks: 'Pacific' a wholehearted tribute'

March 14, 2010

Tom Hanks has revealed that he hopes The Pacific gives an authentic "under-the-helmet" take on war.

Hanks, who helmed the HBO-backed ten-part miniseries with Steven Spielberg, said that the interlocking stories of three American marines fighting the Japanese during World World II shows that the campaign was one "based on racism" and that the war was one "waged through terror".

In an interview with The Sunday Times, Hanks said that the series differs from their earlier Band Of Brothers, which was about armies fighting on the front line.

He said: "Horrible things were done on both sides to human beings both dead and alive. It was a case of, 'We hate these people' - not, 'We're going to liberate this island'."

Hanks earlier said that The Pacific highlights how World War II ushered in modern campaigns and added that the only difference is a decrease in scale.

"But then, if it's so small - we live in a society that's making a bigger deal about where Jay Leno is going to have a TV show than about a war that's taking lives," he said.

The director added that he hopes the series will be seen as "both historical document and wholehearted tribute". "When these guys came back and picked up their lives, everybody had moved on. Nobody was buying them a free meal because they'd saved the world. So I would like this series to live on library shelves to help explain what they went through," he said.

The Pacific begins on Sky Movies Premiere/HD on April 5 at 9pm with a double episode.

By Sarah Rollo

Source : Digital Spy